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My name is Emma and I have been running my own private fitness studio for the last 8 years! I simply love helping people to build healthier lives. I think it’s important to explain that while I do teach all things fitness and absolutely LOVE IT! My focus is always to figure out the road blocks stopping people from becoming successful in their journey to a healthier life.

I like to call it exercise therapy. In fact what we do at WHK has been called that by more than a few people. So what does that really mean?

It means that while we most certainly workout A LOT!  The focus is also about repairing any damage that is holding you back.  We allll have it! A short list would include emotional eating, injuries that have led you to believe you can not exercise, lies you have told yourself about your abilities to make change, labels you or others have placed on you, STRESS, family, a difficult relationship with food and low self esteem. The list is endless and is different for everyone.

When we take a larger look at your life your ability to succeed grows tremendously. The journey to being healthy is not a cookie cutter system. It is not a certain size, a certain weight, a certain amount of abs, only eating a prescribed list of foods.

The fitness industry has done a great job of convincing you that success is only found through those things. What if, you took a step back and could be super honest with yourself about what got you to where you are right now? It is a powerful step.

What if today I asked you to start recognizing and accepting when you are emotionally eating. You know those foods we eat when we are sad, hurt, angry, or on the other side, things we eat when we celebrate!

Take a look at the why of your actions. I’m not asking you to stop eating the Ben and Jerry’s/Popcorn (my two faves) or wine, beer, cake, whatever it is! I am asking you simply to accept what you are doing. What if you took the power back in your actions?

Maybe try these:

I know why I’m eating this whole cake it’s because I am lonely.

I am buying this ice cream that I know I have no self control over because that’s what I feel I need.

I don’t want to deal with my life right now so I am going to midelessly eat and watch Netflix’s!

So what do you think? Could working on a different approach to health work for you? Should you get started?



Location Peterborough, Ontario E-mail emma@wholehealthkawartha.com Hours M-F 5:00 am- 7:00 pm S-S 9:00 am- 12:00 pm
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